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Developing & Production of Steel-
Aluminum- & Lightweight-Design

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HELIX Windturbine - Windenergy completely private

light weight constructions, composites/synthetic materials, (renewable) energy

A vertical small wind turbine system such as the Helix Wind Turbine is suitable for home use, including direct consumption, feeding into the national grid and accumulation through storage media. It also has commercial, public and mobile applications!

Xianfeng Precision Metal Product Co. Ltd

aluminum, welding/joining technology, cast (alu/steel)

###Professional Precision Aluminum Production manufacturer:### - Supply our products at a competitive price in the minimun period of time. - Low M.O.Q acceptable.

Joinventure GmbH & CoKG

light weight constructions, aluminum, steel/general mateials, welding/joining technology, calculation/simulation, tests/quality control, machining/forming, constructions

Joinventure is a network of specialists for light weight design focussing on joining technologies.