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Flairboat in Aluminum

Planning: Tandem Airfoil Flairboat for eight persons or 800 kg total loading capacity, with a travelling speed of up to 155 km/h.

From the useable size of the cabin, total loading capacity and the various possibilities of using the interior, this size of vehicle is highly suitable for commercial purposes, such as transport, diving trips, as an emergency vehicle, etc.

Technical Data: TA F VIII-3

Length overall 14.00 m (46 ft.)
Width overall 5.80 m (19 ft.)
Width of cabin 1.60 m (5.3 ft.)
Draft, loaded 0,25 m (10 in.)
Standard empty weight 2.200 kg ( 4.850 lbs)
Passengers 7+1 Crew 800 kg ( 1.763 lbs)

Power Installation
Engine 495 hp (380 KW)

Harbour speed,
aux. Propeller(s) 15 km/h (8,1 kn.)
Lift-off speed,
air propeller 72 km/h (39 kn.)
Cruising speed 145 km/h (78 kn.)
Cruise height 0,3 m ( 1 ft.)
standard fuel tank 500 km (270 Miles)
Fuel tank,
standard 200 liters ( 52,8 US G)

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