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AirShaper launches fully automated, virtual wind tunnel

Belgian start-up makes professional aerodynamics accessible

Antwerp, Belgium – June 19, 2018 – Making drones fly longer, improving fuel economy or making athletes go faster, it’s all related to aerodynamics - the airflow around objects. Usually, as a designer, you build a physical prototype and test it in an expensive wind tunnel – a large tunnel through which air flows. Or you could ask an experienced simulation expert to perform a complex computer simulation on a digital 3D model. AirShaper has automated such complex simulations so that every designer can get started.

AirShaper allows you to analyze and improve the aerodynamics of a 3D model in 3 simple steps: send the 3D model to the website, let AirShaper carry out the analysis and then view the full report. In the report, you will find information about the air resistance of your design, 3D illustrations of the air flow, indications on problem zones and supporting explanations. No expertise is needed and you only pay per simulation.

The founder, Wouter Remmerie, is a mechanical engineer and founded AirShaper after 6 years of design and consultancy work in aerodynamics. A story he started out of passion: "About ten years ago, as a hobby, I designed a sports car based on an aerodynamic concept to go faster through corners. I did not have any money for physical wind tunnel testing or expensive simulation software. Still, I got hooked on aerodynamics and went to work for an expert agency in that sector: for years I learned about all kinds of simulation techniques and I saw the thresholds for designers. That is why I founded AirShaper: to make this fascinating domain accessible to designers."

In the past year, AirShaper optimized its tool and automated algorithms in collaboration with some of their first customers. Today, the company launches its tool, which is available to all designers and engineers through their new online platform. The AirShaper team currently has 5 employees and is part of incubator Startit@KBC and accelerator imec.istart.

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