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Data privacy statement

4innovative-engineers is offered by INSTAL Engineering GMBH, Lichtenbergstrasse 8, 85748 Garching, We want to inform you with this data privacy statement how your personal data is handled and used and in what form other user have got access to some of these data.

The data privacy statement supplements the general terms and conditions.

1. Which data are saved?

1.1. Personal data

Personal data are information which help to determine a person, so indications which can be traced back to a person. These include the name, the email address or the telephone number. But also data about likes, hobbies, memberships or which websites have been visited.

Personal data will only be collected, used and handled, if this is legal or you agree with the data collection.

1.2. Registration function

If you register with us your personal data like the email address, the user name and the password will be captured and saved. The data which were entered during the registration will be used for the purpose of using the offer. If you communicate with us we will receive further data possibly. Your user name and information you voluntary made available by using 4innovative-engineers are visible for other user of 4innovative-engineers.

1.3. Access data / server log files

Access data will be saved in a log file called Server-Log with every page impression. The stored record contains the following data:

  • The name of the visited website, file, date and time of the visit, data volume transferred, the operating system of the user, Referrer URL (of the website which has been visited before), IP address and product- and the version information of the used browser (User-Agent).

Subject to legal obligations the IP address of users will be extinguished or anonymized after finishing the use. During an anonymisation the IP addresses will be changed in such a way that the particulars about personal or objective conditions can't be assigned anymore or anyway only with a disprortionate investment of time, costs and worker to an identified or an identifiable natural person.

INSTAL Engineering uses the log data (logs) anonymously, so without classifications or references to your person for static evaluations. We can find out for example on which days and at which time the offers of 4innovative-engineers are especially used and how much data volume is produced. Furthermore possible mistakes, e.g. faulty links or program errors, can be spotted through this. The log-files help developing 4innovative-engineers. The page views and uses which are saved in the server log won't be connected to single people. INSTAL Engineering will reserve the use of data from the log-files, if there is a suspicion because of certain facts that a user uses 4innovative-engineers illegally or contrary to contract.

1.4. Contacting

If you contact us 8e.g. Via contact form or email) your data will be saved for editing your request as well as for the case that follow-up questions occur.

1.5. Comments and contributions

If user left comments or other contributions in the blog behind their IP address will be saved. This is made for safety, if a user writes illegal contents in comments and contributions (e.g. insults, prohibited political propaganda, etc.). In this case INSTAL Engineering could be prosecuted itself for the comment or contribution and is therefore interested in the identify of the writer.

1.6. Newsletter

We want to inform you about us and our offers with the newsletter. If you want to receive the newsletter we will need a valid email address as well as information which allows us the examination, that you are the inhabitant of the email address respectively the inhabitants agree with the reception of the newsletter. Further data won't be raised. These data will only be used for the transmission of the newsletter and won't be given to third parties. During the registration for the newsletter your IP address and the date of the registration will be saved. This storage only serves for the proof in case, that a third party uses the email address wrongly and registers without the beneficiary's knowledge for the newsletter. You can countermand the newsletter via email over the link which is stated at the end of each newsletter or via message to the above contacts any time.

1.7. Integration of services and contents of third parties

It can occur, that within this online offer contents of third parties like (e.g.) YouTube videos, Google-Maps cards, RSS feeds or graphics of other websites are involved. This always presumes, that the provider of these contents (hereinafter referred to “third-party provider”) notice the user's IP address. Than the contents can't be sent to the browser of the respective user without the IP address. The IP address is thereby necessary for the representation of these contents. We try to use only such contents whose respective providers merely use the IP address for the delivery of the contents. However we will have got no influence, if the third-party providers save the IP address e.g. for statistical purposes. As far as we know that, we explain it to our user.

1.8 Cookies

Cookies are small data which enable to save specific information referred to the device on your PC or other access devices (mobile or the like), Cookies help us e.g. to determine the user frequency and the number of the user of our websites, to analyse the usage behaviour of our website, to estimate the advertising effectiveness, to increase the safety as well as to design our offers as much as possible comfortable, efficient and interesting for you. Most browser dispose an option to limit the saving of cookies or to adjust the browser, that you will be informed as soon as as cookie is being sent. You can extinguish cookies from your hard disk of the PC any time. But please consider, that he use and especially the comfort use of 4innovative-engineers is limited without cookies.

1.9 Google Analytics

INSTAL Engineering uses for 4innovative-engineers Google Analytics which is a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”), Google Analytics uses so called “Cookies” which are text file that are saved on the user's computer and enable an analysis of the use of the website. The information about the use of the website by the user which are produced by cookies are usually transferred to a server of Google in the USA and saved there. If the IP anonymisation is activated on the website , the IP-address of the user of Google will be however trimmed within the member of states of the European Union or in other signatory states of the agreement of the European Economic Area before. The full IP-address will be only in exceptional cases transferred to a server of Google in the USA and trimmed there. The IP anonymisation is active on this website. Google will use these information on our account to eploit the use of the website by the user, to compile reports about the site activities and to provide other services which are associated with the use of the website and the internet gegenüber dem websitebetreiber. The IP-address which has been transmitted from your browser within the framework of Google Analytics won't be brought together with other data of Google. The user can prevent the detention of Cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However we indicate, that if you prevent, possibly you won't be able to use all functions on this website entirely. The user can furthermore prevent the registration of the data to Google which were produced by the cookie and are referred to the use of the website (including the IP-address) as well as the converting of these data by Google, downloading and installing the available browser plug-in which you can find at the following link:

1.10 Google AdSense

Our website uses Google AdSense which is an online advertising service of Google Inc. (»Google«). Google AdSense uses so called »Cookies« which are text files that are saved on the user's computer and enable an analysis of the use of the website. Google AdSense also uses so called web beacons (invisible graphics). Information about the visitor traffic on the pages of this offer can be exploited with the use of these web beacons. The information which were produced by cookies and web beacons about the use of this website (inclusive the IP-address of the user) and the delivery of ad formats will be transmitted to a server of Google in the USA and saved there. Google can pass these information down to a contacting party of Google. However Google won't bring your IP-address together with other data they've saved.

User can prevent the installing of cookies of AdSense in different ways:

a) by an appropriate setting in the browser software;
b) by a deactivation of interest-based ads of Google Google;
c) by a deactivation of interest-based ads of provider who are part of the self-regulaion campaign About Ads«;
d) by a permanent deactivation by a browser plug in.

The takes in b) and c) will be extinguished if cookies is extinguished in the browser settings. You can find more information about privacy and cookies for advertising at Google AdSense in the privcy statement of Google,Datenschutzerklärung von Google, in particular at the following links:


1.11. Uses of Facebook Social Plug ins

This offer uses social plug ins (“Plug ins”) of the social network which is organized by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). The plug ins are recognisable by one of the Facebook logos ( a white “f” on a blue tile, the term “Like” or the “thumbs up”-sign) or they are marked with the addition “Facebook Social Plug ins”. The list and the look of the Facebook Social Plug ins can e found here:

If a user invoke a website of this offer which contains such a plug in, the browser will build a direct connection to a server of Facebook. Facebook will transmit the content of the plug in to your browser directly and there it will be integrated in the website. Therefore we've got no influence about the extent of the data which Facebook will rise with the help of this plug in and therefore we inform you according to our state of knowledge.

By integrating the plug in Facebook receives an information, that a user has invoked the appropriate page of the offer. If the user is logged in Facebook, Facebook can assign the user to its account. If you interact with the plug in, e.g. you press the like button or you post a comment, the appropriate information will be directly transmitted from your browser to Facebook and saved there. If you are no member of Facebook, there will anyway be the possibility, that Facebook finds out the IP-address and saves it. According to Facebook only an anonymised IP-address will be saved in Germany.

Information about the purpose and the extent of the data collection and the further processing and the use of the data by Facebook as well as your rights in this regard and setting options for the protection of the user's privacy can be culled in the data protection notice of Facebook

If you are a member of Facebook, but you don't want , that Facebook collects data about you with this offer and connects it with your membership data which are saved on Facebook, you will have to log out of Facebook before you visit the website. Further takes and protests about the use of the data for advertising purposes aren't possible within the Facebook profile settings of Facebook.

2. Purpose of the data storage

INSTAL Engineering rises, saves, processes and uses the data only to enable, to keep up and to develop the offer of 4innovative-engineers. This also contains the exploitation of new customer. In the course of the advancement especially anonym statistics about the use of the services will be used. Movement profiles of single person won't be established on this website.

3. No transfer of data to third parties

INSTAL Engineering won't hand the personal data of its user to third parties, unless you have explicity declared the content before or a legal obligation for the data transfer exists. Also a transfer of data to third parties can happen if a legal basis allows it and if the transport of the data for the fulfilment of your contractual obligations towards our customer is necessary.

If you process a payment, the data for the process of the payment transaction will be passed to the payment service provider as far as the data don't inform about this directly. If you directly pass your payment details to a payment service provider, we will receive only data which are strongly limited. If this happens, e will only be informed whether the transaction to the transaction number has been undertaken or not. We won't receive your account information in this case.

If a user injures third-party rights (especially copyrights, trademark- and name rights and labelling laws), we will only pass the data of the user to the respective copyright holder if the copyright holder argue his claims towards INSTAL Engineering conclusively.

4. Minors

4innovative-engineers is basically aimed at full age users. A use by minors without permission of the legal guardians is not acceptable. Therefore we reserve to extinguish the data of the minor users who have got no permission of their legal guardians.

5. Information, change and extinguishment

You have the right to receive a free information of INSTAL Engineering about your personal data which have been saved. You have to declare the user name, the first-, last- and possibly the birth name, the email address, the postal address and the birthday for your identification in the information request. INSTAL Engineering will send the disclosure via post to the address you have named. Therefore you have to declare a postal address, even if it's not a written information request (e.g. by phone or email).

As far as you wish the change or the extinguishment of your personal data, you can inform us about it via email or letter. For the right classification however you have to tell us at least the user name, the first- and last name, the email address and the postal address.

Please consider, that data which were extinguished are still available on the basis of catching systems, search engines, the interposition of proxy servers or the like without being present in our systems.

6. Contact

If you have got any questions which can't be answered by this privacy or you want to have detail information to a point, please address yourself to the following contact data any time:

INSTAL Engineering GmbH, Lichtenbergstrasse 8, 85748 Garching,