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BLOG : [ Aluminium ] goes International

Veröffentlicht von: Engineering-Portal, 11.12.2016

Great ! Big step in our short portal-history. First Premium-Member from Asia present his company on our portal - Professional Precision Aluminum Production manufacturer.

Since a few days we have a very interesting new company on our portal - Xianfeng Precision Metal Product Co. Ltd.

Very interesting company, which is located in China and Hogkong.


  • Specializing in industrial aluminum profile, combined with high precision machining
  • Equipped with varied tonnage extrusion equipment, the largest: 1800T-2500T
  • Forging
  • 12 sets die casting equipments for aluminum and magnesium alloy Including 160T, 280T, 400T, 500T and 1600T;
  • 10 precision die casting equipments for zinc alloy from 88T to 160T
  • 80 sets of precision CNC machines, processing tolerance:±0.001mm CNC equipments: 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining center
  • 35 Lathes machines, processing tolerance:±0.0001mm
  • CNC bending and CNC cutting machines available. Minimum thickness range: 1.0mm to 1.5mm and to meet with 0.1mm standard.
  • With precision drawn tube machine, automatic and and manual welding, precision polishing.
  • Surface treatment

Interesting, to get in contact with Xianfeng?

If you need more inforamtion you can visiti their portrait on our engineering-portal and get directly in contact with them.

Interesting, also to present your company?

If you are also interesting to present you company on our engineering-portal, visit our tour and/ or contact us directly.

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