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Marktplatz für Innovationen & geniale Ideen

vacustruct® - low vacuum insulation glass building system for greenhouses and daylight buildings

Leichtbau, Verschiedenes

vacustruct® is a low vacuum insulation glass building system for greenhouses and daylight buildings.

The annual market growth rate of the Chinese die casting industry

Leichtbau, Aluminium, Guß (Alu/Stahl), Elektrotechnik, Verschiedenes, Motor/ Antrieb

- The leading die casting companies rush to participate in CHINA DIECASTING in July – with about 35% international and 15% European participation - Over 90% of the available space is already booked

HELIX Windturbine - Windenergy completely private

Leichtbau, Faserverbund/Kunststoffe, (erneuerbare) Energie

A vertical small wind turbine system such as the Helix Wind Turbine is suitable for home use, including direct consumption, feeding into the national grid and accumulation through storage media. It also has commercial, public and mobile applications!

Flairboat in Aluminum

Leichtbau, Aluminium, Mobilität

Planning: Tandem Airfoil Flairboat for eight persons or 800 kg total loading capacity, with a travelling speed of up to 155 km/h.

Making New Concepts in Aviation a Reality

Leichtbau, Mobilität

Moller International has developed the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen.

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